The Budding Community of Nicholasville

Nicholasville is one of the fastest growing cities in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. From 1970 to 2010, Nicholasville’s population grew from 5,829 to 28,015, with the largest single-decade jump coming in the first decade of the 2000’s. That growth leaves Nicholasville with incredible opportunities for the future, in addition to a fair share of challenges to accommodate that burgeoning population.

Nicholasville – a Small Town with a Big Future

Nicholasville was founded in 1798 by Reverend John Metcalf and officially incorporated in 1837. Nicholasville was named after Colonel George Nicholas, a father of the Kentucky constitution. Metcalfe picked the location of Nicholasville due, in part, to the presence of four large springs and the site’s crossroads leading to Danville and Lexington.

Nicholasville still has a strong connection to its neighbor, Lexington, with many Nicholasville residents commuting to their Lexington jobs every day. As Lexington grows, so does Nicholasville, yet another indicator that the years ahead will find both communities developing an even closer and mutually beneficial relationship.

So Much to Do in Nicholasville

The city offers plenty of attractions for visitors and locals alike, from shopping stores to historical sites. Popular historical attractions include the Camp Nelson Civil War Heritage Park, the Kentucky Pro Football Hall of Fame, the Old Jessamine County Jail, the Riney B Aquatic Center and the Jim Beam Nature Preserve, to name just a few.

As avid golfers already know, there are plenty of opportunities to play a few rounds on the four amazing golf courses in Nicholasville. They include Connemara Golf Links on Lexington Road, High Point Golf Course on High Point Drive, Golf Club of the Bluegrass on Harrodsburg Road and the Lone Oak Golf Course on Lone Oak Drive.

Asbury University has also played a big role in shaping the identity of Nicholasville. Though located in nearby Wilmore, Asbury’s campus, student body and Asbury College Equine Center have close ties to Nicholasville, with students frequently venturing into Nicholasville for food and entertainment. In turn, Nicholasville residents enjoy the economic and historical benefits associated with the university.

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