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Pikeville is a beautiful, historically rich community located at the Levisa Fork of the Big Sandy River. The community is the quintessential Appalachian community, with an independent spirit and a unique, colorful history.

Nicknamed “The City That Moves Mountains,” Pikeville is truly the gateway into the state of Kentucky.

History of Pikeville

Pikeville, along with Pike County, was named after General Zebulon Montgomery Pike, an American explorer and general who was killed at the Battle of York in the War of 1812. Gen. Pike also gained national fame for his published accounts of expeditions of the American frontier, which were referenced by countless numbers of pioneers and explorers settling the countryside. Pike County was officially established in 1821 and Pikeville, originally called Piketon, was established in 1824.

Pikeville is perhaps best known across the globe as one of the locations that was home to the Hatfield-McCoy feuds, which lasted nearly 30 years and gained worldwide fame as one of the most heated and enduring of all local feuds. Randall McCoy is buried on a hill overlooking Pikeville, along with his wife and daughter.

The Pikeville Cut-Through was a massive project, which took place over four phases from 1973 to 1987, amounting to one of the largest civil engineering projects undertaken in the western hemisphere. The Pikeville Cut-Through helped reduce flooding in the community and streamlined traffic.

Notable in Pikeville

  • Hillbilly Days – This yearly festival is one of the biggest in Kentucky, boasting the artwork and music of some of greatest talents the state has to offer. Hillbilly Days honors the Appalachian culture with an emphasis on tradition and an endearing sense of humor.
  • University of Pikeville – The University of Pikeville is central to the identity of  Pikeville, offering students an opportunity for a first-rate education, ranging from associate to doctoral degrees.
  • Eastern KY Expo Center – Since 2005, the Eastern KY Expo Center has provided Pikeville with a venue that can host a variety of events, from concerts to sporting events.

Criminal Defense in Pikeville

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