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Located on the banks of the mighty Ohio River, Owensboro is the official hub of activity in Western Kentucky. Travelers from far and wide flock to Owensboro for a number of reasons, most notably for the world-famous Owensboro Bar-B-Q.

The county seat of Daviess County, Owensboro is the fourth largest city in the state of Kentucky, with a population of nearly 60,000 residents. Owensboro is a picturesque community, embodying so much of what Kentucky is known for all around the world.

The History of Owensboro

The first documented European settler to the area of what is now known as Owensboro was William Smeathers, an American pioneer who helped settle both Kentucky and Texas. The area also served as a stop for the Lewis and Clark expedition before their famous exploration of the untamed American frontier.

Originally called Yellow Banks in reference to the soil surrounding the Ohio River, Owensboro’s name comes from Col. Abraham Owen, who died in the Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811. Another casualty of the battle is the namesake of Daviess County – Joseph Hamilton Daviess, a lawyer who argued before the U.S. Supreme Court and commanded the Dragoons of Indiana Militia.

What Sets Owensboro Apart

  • The Bar-B-Q of Owensboro – No city can claim such a rich history in relation to barbecue as Owensboro. Records show that barbecues have been held in the region for well over 150 years. One of the things that sets Owensboro’s barbecue apart is the use of mutton in addition to pork and beef. Every year, the International Bar-B-Q Festival showcases some of the best barbecuing talents, not to mention some of the tastiest barbecue, in the world.
  • Owensboro Museum of Fine Art – For over 40 years, the Owensboro Museum of Fine Art has educated and entertained Kentuckians with displays from all over the globe. The museum is central to the identity of the Owensboro community and a great resource for all who attend.
  • The RiverPark Center – This impressive performing arts and civic center hosts close to 800 events every single year, and boasts an auditorium capable of seating nearly 1,500 people in Cannon Hall. Thousands of young people pass through the center annually, making it a vital part of promoting education in the community and the state.

Criminal Defense in Owensboro

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