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The city of Lexington offers nearly everything that brings Kentucky worldwide fame. From basketball to horseracing, Lexington is the mecca for all those who want to enjoy things that are quintessentially “Kentucky.”

Lexington is accessed by many major roadways, such as Interstate 75, Interstate 64, and the Bluegrass Parkway, in addition to being home to the Bluegrass Airport. The central location of Lexington and the many cultural offerings contained in and around the city make it a popular destination not only for those within the state of Kentucky, but also for travelers from around the world.

The History of Lexington

Though Lexington has a history that goes back well before European settlers made it their home, the city’s modern roots were planted in the 18th century, in large part due to the fertile soil found in the area. The city, at that point still little more than a camp, was named Lexington in honor of the victory of colonists at Lexington and Concord in 1775.

Lexington earned its reputation as the “Athens of the West” in the 19th century because of its rich culture and vibrancy. That cultural richness remains strong to this day, as evident in the rolling hills of horse farms surrounding the city, the world renowned bourbon distilled in the region and, of course, the University of Kentucky.

What Sets Lexington Apart

  • The University of Kentucky – Founded in 1865, the University of Kentucky now has an enrollment of nearly 30,000 students. The University of Kentucky men’s basketball team is one of the most storied programs in college basketball, having won 8 national titles.
  • Keeneland – For horseracing enthusiasts and casual observers alike, Keeneland is one of the greatest horse tracks in the United States, home to the Blue Grass Stakes and several races that serve as preps for the Breeders’ Cup.
  • Kentucky Horse Park – Adding to the storied history of Lexington’s connection with horseracing is the Kentucky Horse Park. Since 1979, the park has helped educate and entertain visitors with tours of horse farms (one of which is the horse park itself), horse shows and memorabilia displays.

Criminal Defense in Lexington

Dan Carman and Attorneys provide aggressive criminal defense for those in Lexington that have been charged with:

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