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Frankfort not only serves as the capital city of Kentucky, it is also a burgeoning community that has a fascinating history mirroring the evolution of the state. Conveniently located between Lexington and Louisville and accessible through Interstate 64, Frankfort’s unassuming location lends itself to a rustic and comfortable atmosphere.

History of Frankfort

The name Frankfort originates from the moniker “Frank’s Ford,” named after Stephen Frank, a settler who lost his life in a skirmish in 1780. After Kentucky achieved statehood in 1792, Frankfort eventually won out over competing cities to become the state capital. The famous Old Capitol building was designed by Kentucky Greek-revivalist architect Gideon Shryock and was home to the state’s government for 80 years.

The Old Capitol is also the site of the infamous murder of Kentucky governor William Goebel in 1900, who had served as governor for only four days. A plaque still marks the location. Goebel is the only sitting state governor ever to be assassinated.

The Kentucky State Capital, which has been the home of the state government since 1910, was designed by famed architect Frank Mills Andrew, who employed neoclassical design techniques to create its beautiful, distinct interior that welcomes hundreds of visitors each day.

What Makes Frankfort Unique

  • Kentucky State Capitol – Today, the capitol is home to all three branches of the state government, with the executive branch operating on the first floor, the judicial branch on the second floor and the legislative branches located on the third floor.
  • Kentucky State University – KSU has over 2,000 students, offering 55 undergraduate and six graduate programs.
  • Scenic Overlook – The scenic overlook provides an incredible view of the Frankfort cityscape and the beautiful state capitol grounds.

Criminal Defense in Frankfort

Dan Carman and Attorneys provide aggressive criminal defense for those in Frankfort that have been charged with:

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